British Ceramics Biennial: Heart:Beat

In January 2017 I took part in an intensive 2 week residency in a remote village in rural Maharastra. The collaboration included Warli painters, artists and craft workers, filmaker, story teller, designers and ceramic artists from both the UK and India.  We created an installation in the landscape of the village, as a collective response to the idea of establishing an art centre as a site for the preservation and development of Warli cultural creative practice.

I created binaural and stereo field recordings to document my experience of rural Maharashtra.  I documented songs, working life, birdsong, mechanical processes and produced contact microphone recordings of a wire fence which sparked an inspired visual response by Warli artist, Ramesh Hangadi. The sound and visual piece, entitled Live Wire can be seen and heard as part of the Heart:Beat exhibition currently taking place at the Potteries Museum in Stoke-on-Trent as part of the British Ceramics Biennial

Jason Singh