Memories of Partition : Short Film

Recently I was asked by Manchester Museum to contribute to their new exhibition "Memories of Partition" which explores the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.  This year is the 70th anniversary of the event which created the mass exodus of nearly 15 million people and left millions dead and homeless.  the legacy of this event is still with us today.  

For the exhibition, myself and my family contributed stories and objects relating to the lives and careers of my grand parents and great grandparent and Partition itself.  Asta Films have created a series of short films which can be seen in the exhibition which is housed in the temporary gallery space at Manchester Museum. You can also check out the films on the Manchester Museum YouTube channel

There is so much to say and share about Partition, the event that was both horrifically devastating and also in time resulted in the economical betterment of future generations of our family. The only way I can truly share my experiences of Partition is by creating work and below is the start of this journey...




Jason Singh