Binaural Recording : Zadapoli Village (Excerpt)

Here's a recording of Zadapoli Village.  I am exploring the impact technology and city expansion is having on the rural areas of the Thane District of Maharashtra.  A part of this project is about observing the sonic landscape, space and how the sound of the natural landscape changes with machinery and industrialisation and also observing a space/place not affected by machinery or mechanical processes

The recordings I am capturing and sharing are intentionally raw with extremely little or no post production in terms of EQ or Compression.  They are also best experienced through headphones.  

Climate change


Yep, that's right. Climate change. Tomorrow I am setting out on a 6 week adventure around India. I'll be swapping the sub-zero temperatures of England for the hazy night time 20 something digits of India. 

For the first two weeks I will be part of a team of artists from Manchester, Stoke-on-trent and London working on a collaborative, cross artform project in Palghar, Maharastra. We (more on who "we" are next week) will be working together with pioneering Warli artists Jivya Soma Mashe and Ramesh Hengadi to create an exhibition bringing together Warli art, clay, textiles, ceramics, word, video, photography, sound and music. 

Created by Jivya Soma Mashe

Created by Jivya Soma Mashe

Right now I'm in that funny place of "Have I packed properly?" and "Oh my god, I'm going to India!". This is also the first time that I am going with a team of artists from different creative disciplines, so it's very, very exciting! I really want to introduce you to the team now, but I am going to keep a lid on it until next week!  

Right, I better get back to jumping up and down on my suitcase before being sensible gets the better of me!