Preparing to cast off

Hello.  Introducing myself as the tour producer of Following the Fleet: DRIFTERS.  I'll be posting here along with Jason as we prepare for the tour and journey from port to port during September. 

By way of background about the tour, Jason and I had worked together on Silent Film + Beatboxing workshops for young people when I was producing the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema in Bo'ness, Scotland.  We discovered a shared passion for the power of place in our respective fields of vocal/sound art and archive film to connect with audiences and communities.

I work under the banner of A Kind of Seeing initiating and delivering community creative engagement projects across cinema, live music and sound art.  Driven by a passion for connecting archives and shared heritage with place, A Kind of Seeing projects are collaborations with artists, venues, festivals and communities across Scotland and internationally.  Follow me at @UrbanTwitcher on Twitter and Instagram.

Shona Thomson


It's a logo #branded

It's a logo #branded