Made in Easterhouse

From the 10th - 20th October, I will be working on a new series of audio recordings and macro photographs as part of the #MadeInEasterhouse festival taking place at Platform Arts Centre

I have been invited by creative polymath and artist in residence at Platform,   Deirdre Nelson, to collaborate with her as part of the Made In Easterhouse residency.  Deirdre and I have been involved in numerous projects over the years, but never had the opportunity to create something together. From day one we've had great conversations about exploring sound, textiles and photography and now we actually have the opportunity to create something together! 

The aim of our work for this phase of the project is to bring the small, overlooked and possibly routine things of Easterhouse into focus through sound and visuals. I am creating binaural recordings of everyday sounds and also hydrophone recordings of local lochs and lakes to bring the sounds that we can't hear into the everyday experience.  Also, both Deirdre and I have developed a love for macro photography and using these techniques to enlarge the small things we may take for granted to show the beauty and complexity of the "small" world around us. 

Red Chilli Plant. Easterhouse Community Allotment.  

Red Chilli Plant. Easterhouse Community Allotment.  

Whenever I mentioned that I would be working in Easterhouse, people both in England and Scotland,  would mention their recognition of the place through stories of gangs, drugs, crime etc but something no-one has ever said, which I am experiencing here everyday, are things like the gorgeous wild woods, buzzards, deer, herons, vowels, sticklebacks, community allotments, autumn leaves dancing down the street in the golden bright sunshine, generosity, young people with a real openness and enthusiasm to create and share...the list goes on. Also, I don't wish to share this experience through words alone. I will be uploading recordings and images so that everyone can have a chance to be part of this journey we are on. 

I will be uploading new stuff everyday and also please feel free to leave a comments or thoughts. 

Deirdre's blog about all things #MadeInEasterHouse can be found here